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Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessments

Read or listen to our video explaining the Education, Health & Care Needs Assessment process

What is an EHC Plan?

Read or listen to our video on what is an EHCP and who is it for

When a Local Authority should carry out an EHC Needs Assessment

Guidance on what a LA must consider for an assessment request

Gathering evidence for an EHC Needs Assessment

Advice and support on gathering the right information for an EHC Needs Assessment and a description of the process.

How long does the process take?

Information on the timeframe of the 20 week assessment and what to do if the local authority have not carried out the assessment correctly or kept to the legal timeframe

Local Authority decisions around EHC Needs Assessments

Information on LA decisions around EHC Needs Assessment.

Health and Social Care Elements of an EHC Needs Assessment

Support on providing the LA with information about your child or young person's physical, emotional and social development and health needs.