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Last month 604 parent/carers and young people accessed our service which led to a total of 2,965 emails, contact forms, telephone calls and face to face meetings. Contact us if you need our advice and support.  

SEN Support in Education Settings

Explaining what SEN support is, the different types of support, and what support is available to you and your child or young person.

One Planning and the Graduated Approach

Information on the graduated approach of assess, plan, do and review for all mainstream settings, including Early Years and education beyond 16

Literacy Difficulties, including where there are concerns about dyslexia

Essex Approach to supporting children and young people with literacy difficulties

Supporting Maths Difficulties

The Essex approach to teaching pupils with maths difficulties

Supporting Challenging Behaviour

Supporting challenging behaviour at school and at home

Local Authority services and how they can help

A description of Essex local authority services and professionals and when it is appropriate to involve a professional

Supporting your Neurodiverse Child

A resource pack produced by the Essex Family Forum