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Last month 566 parent/carers and young people accessed our service which led to a total of 2,981 emails, contact forms, telephone calls and face to face meetings. Contact us if you need our advice and support.  

You may need help with transport because you may not be able to travel in the same way as most young people in the area, for example if:

  • You have a disability which prevents you from walking or using public transport to your place of education.
  • You have to travel further to attend a course suitable for your special educational needs. 

The local authority can help you with travel arrangements if needed and should look at your case individually before making a decision about suitable transport.  

Transport should enable a young person to reach their place of education or training without such stress strain or difficulty that would prevent them from benefiting from the education provided.

How to apply for post 16 transport

We can support you in applying for transport to your college or education setting.