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It's a good idea to continue talking to the local authority when you are in disagreement, as it may be possible to resolve without having to lodge an appeal.  Let them know what it is you disagree with and what you would like changed.  These discussions will help you decide whether to appeal and if you do, it could be useful when building your case. Continue talking with them even after lodging an appeal.

Appealing to the SEND Tribunal is a formal legal process and can feel quite daunting for parents. Information and preparation are key and information about the appeal process are contained within this section but if you have any questions about appealing, please get in touch. 

You can find out the steps to appeal on our flow charts for:-

 Refusal to Asses Flow Chart and Appealing content of an EHCP flow chart

If you are thinking about appealing these local authority decisions, you must firstly consider mediation.

If you instruct legal representation we will step back from active involvement but will remain available for information and ongoing advice and support around related issues.