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Last month 604 parent/carers and young people accessed our service which led to a total of 2,965 emails, contact forms, telephone calls and face to face meetings. Contact us if you need our advice and support.  

Exclusions and Suspensions

Information to help guide you around suspensions and exclusions


Guidance around suspensions.

Permanent Exclusions

Guidance around permanent exclusions.

Unlawful Exclusions

Guidance on informal or unofficial exclusions.

Exclusions Frequently Asked Questions

Parents & Carers Frequently Asked Questions around suspensions & exclusions

Off Site Direction

Maintained schools can send their pupils off-site for education to improve their behaviour for a time limited period.

Managed Moves

A managed move is an agreement made between parent, child and school and leads to the transfer of a pupil to another mainstream school permanently.

What Can You Do if You Don’t Agree with an Exclusion

Guidance on preparing your representation to the governors, Independent Review Panels and Disability Discrimination.

Supporting Challenging Behaviour

Guidance on how to support challenging behaviour at school and at home.

Independent Review Panel

Guidance of preparing for an Independent Review Panel

Disability Discrimination

Guidance on how to make a claim around disability discrimination under the Equality Action 2010

Exclusion in other Education Settings

Guidance around alternative education provision.